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Some say that he was born at a crossroads at midnight, in the shadows of a gallows.


But the truth could be much worse. The dark master of all things BIZARRE and DECADENT, Nikolai Diablo emerged from the great carnival and sideshows of Europe. He brought with him a burning hunger for the FREAKISH and the UNCANNY. He is fueled by an insatiable desire to satisfy YOUR Secret Lust for darkness and depravity. He delights in bringing to the stage the MOST UNUSUAL HUMAN MARVELS on the planet. His CARNIVAL DIABLO is a veritable TREASURE TROVE of the GROTESQUE- where human bodies are subjected to the MOST UNUSUAL PRACTICES IMAGINABLE.


Enter the NIGHTMARE WORLD of Nikolai Diablo, the undeniable Ringmaster from HELL.


You're sure to have a DAMNED GOOD TIME!


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